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UNICEF Rwanda Humanitarian Situation Report, 12 August 2015

Situation Report
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  • The influx of refugees from Burundi to Rwanda remains steady, with an average influx of 300 people per day in the last couple of days. The total number has now reached 72,907.

  • The shelter strategy was revised, and the relocation of up to 19,000 refugees from reception centres to Mahama camp has started.

  • While UNICEF works to provide a permanent solution for water provision, Akagera river water continues to be treated for local water supply.

  • Education and early childhood development services are being provided for more than 13,000 children in Mahama camp.

  • Cases of severe acute malnutrition continue to reduce, and 164 children with SAM have been successfully treated.

  • Prevalence of childhood illnesses remains high.

  • UNICEF Rwanda’s funding gap amounts to 72 per cent of the $4,050,000 required, making a comprehensive timely response to the Burundian refugee crisis challenging