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UNICEF Rwanda Burundi Refugee Response SitRep 30 October 2015

Situation Report
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• Since September the total number of Burundian refugees in Rwanda did not increase significantly. New arrivals were low, peaking at 100 on 21 October.

• The relocation of refugees from reception centres is completed with approximately 45,000 now living in Mahama refugee camp (30,000 in the original camp, and 15,000 in the extended camp).

• As a result of the joint social mobilization efforts, the attendance rate of children in education services significantly increased from 61% to 82% in the past month.

• Preliminary results of a nutrition survey (SENS) confirmed a further reduction in malnutrition rates, with global acute malnutrition at 6.6%.

• A temporary solution for water provision through Akagera river surface water is in place, yet it remains challenging to meet minimum standards of 15 litres/day/person. UNICEF and partners are progressing on the development of a longer-term option.