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UNHCR Rwanda: Nyabiheke Refugee Camp Profile (as of 31 March 2021)

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Nyabiheke camp was established in 2005 mainly to reduce the overcrowding in Gihembe and Kiziba camps. This population has experienced multiple and/or prolonged displacement and is in need of durable solutions.
Of the three traditional durable solutions, resettlement in a third country remains the most viable for the vast majority of the refugees in Nyabiheke. In line with multi-year comprehensive solutions strategy, the Congolese resettlement programme will continue in 2020 with 13,000 refugees identified to be still in need of resettlement. Following a reduced admissions ceiling to the USA for 2020, new quotas have been negotiated from Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden totaling 1,820 resettlement spaces for the continuation of the Congolese resettlement programme. The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework was rolled out in Rwanda in 2018 and its implementation