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UNHCR Rwanda Factsheet - January - February 2016

Situation Report
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The Minister of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) and UNHCR Representative visited Mahama camp on 22 February to reassure Burundian refugees after the Government publicly announced that all Burundian refugees would be relocated from Rwanda. Following UNHCR’s requests for clarifications from the Government, the Minister openly communicated to refugees that the Government will continue to respect its international obligations by keeping the borders open and will not expel any refugees. The Ministeral so stated that any plans for relocation would take considerable time, and that programs to protect and provide assistance to refugees will continue. She encouraged all humanitarian partners and donors to continue supporting Burundian refugees in Rwanda.

The UNHCR Representative, Minister of MIDIMAR and District Officials visited Gihembe camp on 24 February to celebrate the completion of rehabilitation for the deadly ravine that has claimed the lives of both refugees and local residents since 2010. The project, titled “Environmental protection in and around refugee camps” launched in September 2015 and will prevent ravines and address environmental challenges in four Congolese refugee camps: Gihembe, Kiziba, Nyabiheke and Mugombwa camps