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UNHCR Operational Update Rwanda, June - July 2021



A. Rwanda hosted a total of 127,609 refugees and asylum seekers at the end of July 2021. The population of concern included mainly persons from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (60.8%) and Burundi (38.8%).

B. Refugees, UNHCR, MINEMA and partners celebrated the World Refugee Day (WRD) on 20 June 2021. The theme of the year was “Together We Can Achieve Anything”. On the day, 23 refugees, UNHCR, and MINEMA staff participated in the Kigali Peace Marathon.

C. 133 vulnerable asylum seekers arrived in Rwanda on 16 July 2021 through the ETM Rwanda. It is the first humanitarian evacuation flight from Libya to Rwanda this year. The evacuees originate from Eritrea, Somalia,
South Sudan, and Sudan.


754 Cases of COVID-19 were identified among refugees in June-July 2021 and 1,303 since the beginning of the pandemic. Of the cases, 255 were still active. Seven deaths have been recorded.

443 Refugees departed for resettlement and complementary pathways in June-July, 861 since January 2021.

739 Burundian refugees were repatriated in June-July 2021. 20,465 since January 2021 and 28,360 since August 2020.