UNHCR Operation In Rwanda Fact Sheet 30 November - 31 December 2012

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Dec 2012 View Original

UNHCR operational highlights

  • From the transition response, with few refugees from The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the second influx has started since mid-November 2012.

  • Since April 2012, 24,123 refugees from DRC were received in Rwanda.

  • In November, 292 new arrivals were received at the Nkamira Transit Center after the Goma events. After relative calm in Goma, the vast majority of them returned.

  • In December, 3,842 arrived at Nkamira Transit Center.

  • As of 31 December, the population of concern in Rwanda was 59,805 individuals, of whom, 26,385 are males and 33,420 are females.

  • More than 99% of the population of concern in Rwanda are from the DRC.

  • The protracted caseload is comprised of 43,360 refugees and asylum seekers. They reside in three camps across the country and in the urban area (Kigali): Gihembe hosting 14,009 refugees, Nyabiheke hosting 11,472 refugees and Kiziba hosting 15,931 refugees. 1,948 additional individuals live in the urban area (Kigali).

  • Return of Rwandan refugees: since 2002 to 31 December, a cumulative number of 10,778 individuals returned.

  • Third country resettlement: for 2012, the submission target was 2,400 individuals while the capacity target was 1,200 individuals. As of 31 December 2012, UNHCR Rwanda has referred 2,238 cases for resettlement. 704 individuals have departed to receiving countries.