Rwanda: Storm and Heavy Winds DREF Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) update n° 1 (MDR015)


Summary of major revisions made to this emergency plan of action:

This operations update incorporates the recommendations from an assessment carried out in the affected areas during the last week of October by Rwandan Red Cross (RRC), with support from IFRC Cash Expert, where market assessment findings showed the need to increase the budget for cash transfer programme (CTP) activities to ensure minimum needs are met. In addition, after cases of Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) were reported in the area, there is a need to increase the number of volunteers to be trained in AWD management and hygiene promotion. Finally, the operations update provides a greater alignment to real-cost budget based on the in-country assessment.

The following activities are specifically revised through this operations update:

• Increase in budget for CTP activities from CHF 30 to CHF 55 per household;

• Increase in the number of volunteers to be trained in AWD management and hygiene promotion to address AWD cases in the area to 270 from the initially planned 100;

The DREF approved an additional allocation of CHF 17,303 to enable the RRC procure the planned NFIs which had been under-budgeted. For mosquito nets, procurement was not possible because of long lead time from supplier (03 months). A request for donation was made to the Ministry of Health, who will now supply the mosquito nets as part of the response.

Finally, this Operational Update also extends the operation timeframe by one month (new end date: 03 February 2018), to ensure the distribution of the donated mosquito nets and allow for training sessions on proper usage of the nets to take place. The CTP component is the first of its kind for the RRC, which requires some additional time to ensure processes are adequately put in place.