Rwanda: Inauguration of the Kabaya Clean Water Supply Project

On the 12th of June 2007 at Kabaya, a water supply rehabilitation and reinforcement project was inaugurated by the Minister in charge of Water and Mines accompanied by the head of delegation of the ICRC in Kigali.

Also present were the Governor of Western Province and the Mayor of Ngororero District, along with local authorities and the population of the Kabaya Sector.

The water supply project, which was launched in September 2006 by the ICRC and NGORORERO District, and for which the total cost was about 38 million Rwandan Francs has considerably improved the living conditions of the 4,300 inhabitants of Kabaya agglomeration and its surroundings.

The new water supply project, which increased the daily water production capacity from 79 m3, to 177 m3 was implemented and completed thanks to the joint efforts of the local community, local authorities and the ICRC.

In order to ensure sustainable management of the newly rehabilitated water supply system, the local authorities and the monitoring committee set up by the beneficiary population, are strongly committed to appoint a manager who will be in charge of the efficient operation of this water supply system and will ensure regular and reliable access to clean water for the population at an affordable price.

This year, the ICRC plans to implement another six clean water supply projects at Cyuga-Gihogwe, Rulindo and Gasabo Districts, Northern Province and Kigali City, at Bunono-Ruramira and Bunono-Kigarama respectively in Kayonza and Ngoma Districts in Eastern Province, at Murunda and Rusebeya, in Rutsiro District in Western Province, at Mbazi in Huye District in Southern Province as well as the construction of 23 water sources at Ndiza in Muhanga District.

The number of beneficiaries of this project is estimated at nearly 63,000 people.

For more information, contact:

Georgia Trismpioti, Communication Coordinator, ICRC Kigali, Tel: + 250 577344, mob: +250 (0) 8305069

or Thierry Beuel, Water & Housing Coordinator, ICRC Kigali, Tel: +250 572710, mob: +250 (0)830 1993