Rwanda: Food Security Outlook Update March 2013

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Minimal food insecurity in most areas as cropping season ‘B’ continues


• Household food stocks in most areas of the country have returned to near normal levels following the season 'A' harvests (December to February). This has enabled poor households to meet their food consumption needs through their own crop production and in most areas of the country, Minimal/None (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity will be observed through June 2013.

• In the Eastern and Western Congo-Nile areas, the recent season 'A' harvests were below average. In addition, atypically high levels of labor supply have caused casual labor wages and incomesto fall to below-normal levels, reducing household food access through market purchases. Households in these areas will face Stressed (IPC Phase 2) food insecurity from April to June 2013.

• Due to dry weather conditions, households in the Eastern SemiArid Agro-Pastoral zone also suffered significant crop losses during the last season. This, coupled with poor livestock incomes due to a recent quarantine, will cause households in this zone to be Stressed (IPC Phase 2) between now and the green harvests in June.