Rwanda - Drought OCHA Situation Report No. 1

Situation Report
Originally published
Rwanda - Drought
OCHA Situation Report No. 1
18 November 1999


1. This report represents a summary of the donor alert prepared by the Office of the Humanitarian Co-ordinator in Rwanda. Before issuing it, OCHA was in a close consultation in WFP and FAO Headquarters respectively.

2. On 8 November, the Government of Rwanda held a meeting with the international community at the Prime Minister's Office and announced a serious drought throughout the country. The Government appealed to the international community to address the immediate emergency needs and subsequently the long-term sustainability of the affected communities.

3. The Government reports that the drought is affecting 178,909 households in six prefectures: Umutara (40,816), Kibungo (16,327), Kigali rural (20,408), Gitarama (54,420), Butare (40,816) and Gikongoro (6,122).

4. The UN system is concerned with the drought situation in Rwanda, particularly in the most affected areas which host large numbers of returnees and lack basic socio-economic infrastructure.

International Response

5. Prior to the Government's announcement, on 25 October, a food security meeting had been held, attended by the Ministry of Agriculture, FAO, WFP, EU, USAID and OCHA. The potential impact of the impending drought had been discussed. A joint mission of the Ministry of Agriculture, WFP, FAO, EU and USAID had been conducted from 2 to 5 November in 11 prefectures to evaluate the situation and its impact on the next harvesting period.

6. Following the Government's announcement, the UN Agencies convened a donor alert meeting on 12 November to share the preliminary findings/results of the above mentioned mission as well as the estimated food and agricultural needs and requirements for assistance programme for 6 months:

Food Aid (WFP)

Cereals 12,000 tones
USD 5,364,000
Pulses 6,000 tones
USD 5,502,000
Sub-total USD 10.866 million

Emergency food aid will be distributed in Umutara, Kibungo, Gikongoro, Butare and Kigali-rural. An evaluation mission will be carried out at the end of December to assess the situation further and review the food needs in the following months.

Agriculture (FAO)

Crop seeds 1000 tonnes
USD 741,525 (EURO 700,000)
Vegetable seeds: 2 tonnes
USD 95,339 (EURO 90,000)
Hoes : 100,000 units
USD 317,797 (EURO 300,000)
Goats : 10,000 animals
USD 635,593 (EURO 600,000)
Chickens : 20,000 birds
USD 169,492 (EURO 160,000)
Rabbits : 5,000 animals
USD 42,373 (EURO 40,000)
Sub-Total approx. USD 2 million
(EURO 1.89 million)

To address the long-term sustainability of the affected areas, seeds, tools and animals such as goats, chicken and rabbits will be distributed. Animals will serve as a source of income and as a source of manure/fertilizer.

TOTAL : USD 12.9 million (approx.)

7. A committee for the drought response to be chaired by OCHA involving UN Agencies, interested NGOs and the Government is being formed. The first meeting will be held on 18 November to discuss modalities of the operation.

8. As for Food assistance, donors are requested to accelerate their contributions to the WFP's existing regional PRRO (Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation) 6077.

9. As for Agricultural assistance, funds should be transferred to FAO account:

Banca Commerciale Italiana FAO Branch
Viale Delle Terme di Caracalla 00100 Rome Italy
Account no. 490650-67-72
Routing no. 200203356
Account title: FAO/UN Trust Fund - Dollar account - Rwanda-Drought

9. WFP and FAO contact information in Rwanda:

WFP - Mr. Gerald van Dijk, WFP Representative Rwanda
Telephone number: +250 87624
Mobile phone: +250 08300864
Fax: +250 87625
E-mail address:

FAO - Mr. Peter Vandor, FAO Representative in Rwanda
Telephone number: +250 73593
Mobile phone: +250 08300263
Fax: +250 73527
E-mail address:

10. This situation report and further information on ongoing emergencies are also available on the OCHA Internet Website at

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