Over 70 returnees and other vulnerable people complete vocational skills training

On Thursday March 28, 2013, 78 residents of Rwamagana District especially returnees and other vulnerable people, who completed a six-month vocational skills training in various fields were certified and given start-up kits to enable them create their own income generating activities. The handover ceremony took place in Rwamagana District at Murambi secondary school.

This program was part of the project of “Enhancing the socio-economic reintegration of returnees and other vulnerable groups” which is currently being implemented at its third phase by the International Office of Migration (IOM) in collaboration with MIDIMAR under the Japan Government’s fund.

At this occasion, ten classrooms which were built over the fund of the same project, at Murambi secondary school in Muhazi Sector were also inaugurated.

The beneficiaries from five sectors of Rwamagana District were trained in various fields including: carpentry, wielding, sewing, mechanics and hair plaiting. Each of the beneficiaries was given full package of equipment depending on the field of specialization.

Erinestine Mukangabe, one of beneficiaries from Muhazi Sector repatriated from Uganda in 2000. She was trained in hair plaiting.

“I am very grateful to MIDIMAR and other partners who brought this project. I was just a cultivator who earned meagre income before I got selected as a beneficiary. The training I acquired in hair plaiting has already started generating money for me. My trainer has already employed me in her hair-dressing saloon. However, since I got my own equipment, I am going to start my own business.” Said Mukangabe

Rwamagana District authorities also said this project played a considerable role in tackling the issue of unemployment for youth.

“This project came as a relevant solution to the problem of unemployment for youth, especially those who didn’t get chances to complete their formal education. We expect those who completed the trainings to create various lucrative activities and hire other jobless young people around their respective villages.” Said Yvone Muhongayire, Rwamagana, Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs.

According to Patrice Izerimana, the acting Program Manager of the Single Projects Implementation Unit (SPIU) in MIDIMAR, the project of “Enhancing the Socio-economic reintegration of Rwandan returnees and other vulnerable group” has been implemented for three years by the MIDIMAR over the support of the IOM. Its first phase operated the Western and Southern Provinces respectively in 2010, the second phase covered five districts of the Eastern Province in 2011, while the third phase is ongoing from 2012 in four districts of the Northern Province and three Districts of the Eastern Province.

This project aims at enabling vulnerable returnees to catch up with the socio-economic progress attained by other members of the Rwandan community. It supports beneficiaries in the aspects of shelters, live stocks and vocational skills training.