Land Husbandry Water Harvesting, and Hillside Irrigation Project: Resettlement action plan for irrigation system at Karongi district

from Government of Rwanda
Published on 01 Nov 2012 View Original


The objective of the Land Husbandry Water Harvesting, and Hillside Irrigation Project is to increase the productivity and commercialization of hillside agriculture in target areas. Negative impacts include: relocation or loss of shelter; loss of assets or access to assets; and loss of direct income sources or means of livelihood, whether or not the affected persons must move to another location. Mitigation measures include: 1) involuntary resettlement and land acquisition will be avoided where feasible, or minimized, where it cannot be eliminated; 2) where involuntary resettlement and land acquisition are unavoidable, resettlement and compensation activities will be conceived and executed as sustainable development programs, providing resources to give project affected people's (PAPs) the opportunity to share project benefits; 3) PAPs will be meaningfully consulted and will participate in planning and implementing both the resettlement and the agricultural development programs funded under LWH; and 4) PAPs will be assisted in their efforts to ideally improve their livelihoods and standards of living or at least to restore them, in real terms, to pre-displacement levels or levels prevailing prior to the beginning of the project implementation, whichever is higher. Impacts on the PAPs are measured by the quantity of land to be acquired / lost and residual land and its economic viability. Once the severity of impact has been considered an entitlement option is selected.