Hazard and Risk Mapping to Gazette all disaster prone areas in Rwanda: "Hazards/Disasters that occurred from January to December in 2015" (June 2016)


1. Introduction

The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) has organized the exercise of collecting the cases of disasters/hazards that occurred 2015 in order to create their shapefiles and produce localization maps and at the same time keep the disaster/hazard records in the Database.

The activity was planned in two quarters (Quarter Ill8c1V) and entitled "Organize and conduct Hazard and Disaster Mapping in Prone Areas Nationwide".

The above mentioned activity has been structured into field and office phases to be conducted respectively in the third and fourth quarters. The field phase of spatial data collection started on 25th January 2016 and ended on 28th March 2016.

This is the final report and is completing the after-field submitted report. It includes findings of the field, statistics from compilation of monthly reports of Disaster Communication System (DCS) and the produced maps of different disasters in terms of prone areas nationwide.

2. Purpose of the activity

The main purpose of the phase II of the activity was:

• the compilation of availed monthly reports from Disaster Communication System (DCS);

• Data entry of spatial data collected during field phase;

• Summary generation of information related to disasters;

• Spatial analysis of entered spatial data;

• Map production of prone areas

3. Methodology

The compilation of monthly report was done in Excel sheets but the data entry and analysis has been possible using ArcGIS Desktop. Spatial Join task has helped to have the GIS files combining Excel tables and spatial data attribute tables.

The disaster prone areas are resulting to classification methods basing on number of cases of surveyed cases of disasters, on occurred and reported disasters or basing on disaster damages in every district.

4. Scope/limitations

Field spatial data collection was concentrating on lightning, fire incidents and some cases of landslide and flooding. The meteorological disasters that have been compiled from Disaster Communication System monthly reports are concerning winds and heavy rain with or without winds. The overall study was concerning the disaster cases that occurred in 2015 (calendar year) from January 2015 up to 31 December.

5. Findings /mapped cases

This section is concerning reported and surveyed cases, Disasters cases categorized in statistics with their corresponding maps.

5.1. Reported versus captured cases

Below table shows the cases of disasters that have occurred in 2015 and reported in the Disaster Communication System for each District. It also shows the cases that were found on the field and mapped (captured) using Mobile GIS.