Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) Project Rapid Response in Gakenke district: Project Fact Sheet

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Over the period from 7 to 8 May 2016, a disaster caused by the landslide, heavy rains with strong wind in Northern Province specifically in Gakenke District occurred and caused 34 deaths, complete destruction of 2,317 houses, partial destruction of 1,500 houses, destruction of various infrastructures including 58 km of roads, 29 bridges, 1425 households, damage of 3,447 hectares of agricultural land with various crops such as rice, beans, maize and the loss of 700 livestock among others.

In Gakenke district, a rapid need assessment has been carried out and identified that social, agriculture sector, Housing, health, transportation and economic sectors have been heavily affected.

To support the population, restore and sustain the affected sectors the “Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) project was developed as a rapid response to mitigate the disaster risks.