Aegis 2012 Appeal - Creating Young Peacebuilders in Rwanda

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Inspire more young people to stand up against the root causes of genocide by supporting the Aegis Trust 2012 Appeal, enabling young people in Rwanda to understand the dangers of prejudice and exclusion.

It costs just $20 for each young person to attend an Aegis Trust peacebuilding workshop, held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Since 2009, we have reached around 10,000 children from over 200 schools. In 2011 Aegis Trust received 2,648 young people from 79 Rwandan schools. It’s an important contribution, but we'd like to do much more in 2012.

Now that we know the education programme is bringing young people together in a positive way, we want to reach more children through peacebuilding workshops held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, with 80% percent of head teachers in the capital city telling us they want to participate in the programmes in 2012. We also want to expand the peacebuilding programme nationally, with a mobile exhibition and teacher training, in order to reach hundreds of thousands of children over the coming years.

Our target is to raise $200,000 in 2012 to maintain and expand this programme, but every donation helps to create another peacebuilder in Rwanda, so whether you can give $20 or $20,000, each contribution counts.

This is what one student had to say after a workshop:

"I used to judge anyone from another ethnic group, that my social group is superior and I needed to stick to it, cherishing it like the way people have fan clubs to support their team and criticize other teams. But now, I have resolved that we are all one and need to work hand in hand to build our country."

I am confident that these Rwandan schoolchildren will not only fight the threat of genocide in their own country, but some will go on to become Ambassadors against genocide well beyond their own borders.

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Thank you for your support, inspiring more young people to become peacebuilders.

May 2012 be a year that we provide a strong platform for peacebuilding in Rwanda and elsewhere.