Water drained from 14 settlements in Altai Territory

from Government of the Russian Federation
Published on 28 Mar 2018 View Original

Flood situation is under special control of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. There are positive changes in Altai Territory. Number of flooded houses and years gradually decreases and water has completely drained from 14 settlements.

Russian Emergencies Ministry’s task groups are working in cooperation with local governments and provide aid to the affected.

Responding divisions of the Russian Emergencies Ministry are also working in affected areas. They carry out yard-to-yard inspections, drain water, provide the population with foodstuffs, render medical and other aid, keep law and order, examine gas equipment and reinforce embankments of low lands.

Rescuers are monitoring the situation round-the-clock and water levels at hydrological stations and hydraulic facilities.

1,877 houses, populated by 4,760 people in 99 settlements in Altai Republic, Tuva, Khakassia, Amur, Rostov Regions, Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories have been flooded since the beginning of flood season.

1,472 people and 438 units of equipment, including 747 people and 147 units of equipment provided by the Russian Emergencies Ministry are involved into relief operations.