Vladimir Putin: Russia to reduce army presence in Chechnya

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The Russian Head of State, Vladimir Putin, has confirmed that Russia is going to reduce army presence in Chechnya.

"The procedure will be gradual, based on the real estimation of the situation," the Russian President stated when speaking at an All-army meeting of the Armed Forces' officers on Friday.

At the same time, we will strengthen the republican law enforcement bodies, Chechen police, who are to "play a key part in securing social safety in Chechnya", he stressed.

The President appreciated the role of the Armed Forces in stabilizing the Chechen conflict. "The situation there has changed significantly and people are returning to peaceful life," Putin stressed. He thanked all those who had participated in the elimination of the terrorist infrastructure in the North Caucasus and "were honourably serving in Chechnya, in units of permanent disposition." (Ria Novosti)

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