Situation with flooding in Krasnodar and Primorsky Territories as of 7 a.m. of 26 August

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80 people, including 32 children remain in a temporary shelter in Krasnodar Territory (over 24 hours 14 people, 4 children among them left).

50 mobile groups are finishing to check the affected households and to evaluate the damage.

In all 917 have been checked. Commissions continue to draw the statements.

Water and power supply is fully restored.

6 hydrological posts are operating.

6 integrated service centers are working:

54 tons of foodstuffs and necessities delivered from the funds of Krasnodar Territory;

45 tons of bottled water (286 tons overall) were delivered and distributed among people over 24 hours;

decision was taken to render material assistance to the affected people;

4,370 portions of hot meals were distributed over 24 hours (in all, more than 54,000), 4,870 dry rations (16,530 overall) were distributed over 24 hours;

10 psychologists are rendering psychological assistance, over 24 hours psychological assistance was rendered to 108 affected people (311 people overall) and 823 affected people received legal assistance;

water was pumped out of 16 households (in all, out of 104 households);

30 teams of social workers and 18 emergency teams are working. Over 24 hours medical aid was rendered to 241 people (546 people overall).

13,860 people have been vaccinated, 3,336 vaccinations over 24 hours, 14,929 people are subject to vaccination;

4.2 km of roads was cleaned, in all, 24.2 km;

305 m3 of debris was removed, in all, 1,454 м3;

44 courtyards were cleared of dirt and litter (in all, 305 courtyards);

80 tons of litter was taken away (in all 989 tons).

Hotline concerning healthcare, education, social provision and psychological aid, guardianship and putting children in summer camps was set up in administration of the village Novomikhailovsky.

A helpline was set up in Krasnodar Territory EMERCOM Main Office.

Altogether 1,722 people and 263 units of equipment, including 1,181 people and 181 units of equipment, including 5 aircrafts from EMERCOM are involved to eliminate the aftermath, carry out recovery operations and solve issues on immediate sustenance.

In Primorsky Territory as a result of torrential rains pouring during 19-22 August 2012, 73 residential houses and 660 courtyards in 33 villages of 6 municipal districts and 1 urban district were partly flooded.

In the flooded villages communications, power supply systems, railway and motor traffics are disrupted, transport infrastructure is partly destructed.

Water has gone away from flooded courtyards.

Nobody died and there are no destroyed buildings, material damage is being verified.

266 people, including 31 by EMERCOM planes were evacuated from a children’s health camp and resorts during search-and-rescue operation by EMERCOM forces and those of RSChS territorial subsystem of Primorsky Territory.

12 mobile groups checked 1,600 of the affected households.

Transport communication with the village Novaya Sila of Partizansky municipal district has been restored;

Motor traffic has been restored in the villages Sheklyaevo, Muraveika, Yelovka, Grodekovo, Yasnaya Polyana, Aurovka, Vesyoly, Skvortsovo;

27 emergency teams are carrying out recovery operations.

In 2 villages 39 private houses with 114 people, including 27 children remain without power supply.

4.5 km of local roads has been restored (in all, 6 km) along the part Samarka – Zavetnoye of Chuguyevsky municipal district.

Altogether 342 people and 124 units of equipment, including 130 people and 40 units of equipment, including 1 aircraft from EMERCOM are involved in recovery operations.

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