Russian Federation: Perm University Armed Attack - Operation Update Report n°1, DREF n° MDRRU026


Summary of major revisions made to the emergency plan of action:

This Update includes the no-cost extension of the DREF Operation MDRRU026 for one additional month until 28 February 2022. The timeframe extension will allow the NS to complete the following activities:

  1. Lessons Learned Workshop

  2. Small-scale procurement


  • During December 2021, RRC has changed the target number of the victims who received psychological trauma as witnesses to the shooting that occurred on 20 September 2021. Due to the lockdown at the University effective from 8 November, RRC has been able to work only with the students who live on campus. Other students and teachers have been sent to distance learning due to the increasing number of COVID-19 infections in the region. PSS workers and volunteers mostly worked online with beneficiaries using telephone calls and other online platforms, but all newly established contacts with the victims were interrupted, causing delays in the process. By the end of December, the number of people in need of PSS exceeded 2,000 people and PSS team has noticed an increase in calls to the emergency psychological support hotline (over 80 in the last 3 weeks of December), which indicated a growing tension.

  • The operational delays were further compounded by an outbreak of COVID-19 at the RRC HQ, and some of the key programme staff becoming unwell, and now RRC using a remote working modality. The manager of the DREF operation has left the National Society in January.

  • Within the DREF implementation, the RRC planned to equip a sensory room for individual and group sessions on PSS at the University with a total cost around CHF 6,000 (list of equipment is available in the attachment, in Russian only). However, according to RRC information, the Perm University was able to provide premises for organizing this room in mid-January only. RRC has started the procurement process accordingly and it is in the process at the moment, but highly likely the process will be completed, and payment will be done in early February.

  • RoE had ongoing talks with the country office during January about the needs of the operation and agreed that the continued PSS needs would need to be channeled into a longer-term solution. This has been communicated to the National Society.

  • However, the closure of the DREF will most likely not be completed by the end of January due to the abovementioned reasons.


Description of the disaster

A shooting occurred on 20 September 2021 in Perm State Research University (PSRU). The attack resulted in 6 people being killed, and 24 people being hospitalised (including the gunman), out of the total of 37 people injured. The population of Perm is about 1,000,000 people which indicates that the University tragedy has in some way affected a large part of the city’s population. The region has been going through a long-term economic recession that has had a significant impact on the levels of poverty, unemployment and other social problems. RRC's previous experience in similar operations over the past 5 years shows that PSS is needed not only for people directly affected by an attack (victims and families of people killed or injured in an attack), but also for other people who have been psychologically traumatized and need some kind of support. The latter group includes witnesses to the attack, PSRU students and teachers, classmates and friends of the victims, and others.

About 7,000 people study and work at the PSRU. As for now, there are changes in the number of the affected population. As previously announced by the authorities there were 3,000 direct witnesses, however, this number has increased to 5,000 people, the majority of whom are under the age of 21. Due to this, the number of people to be assisted increased proportionally from 1,640 to 2,400 persons. These are people who were at the site of the attack and their relatives.