Russian Federation: Perm University Armed Attack Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF n° MDRRU026

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

A shooting occurred on 20 September 2021 in Perm State Research University. The attack resulted in 6 people being killed, 24 people being hospitalised (including the gunman), out of the total of 37 people injured.
About 7,000 people study and work at the university. About 3,500 people were direct and indirect witnesses of the tragedy. Most of them are youth under the age of 21. It is estimated that at least 1,500 people underwent psychological trauma as a result of the tragic event. These are people who were at the attack site and their relatives.
Population of Perm is about 1,000,000 people which indicates that the University tragedy has in some way affected big part of the city’s population. The region has been going through a long-term economic recession that has had a significant impact on the levels of poverty, unemployment and other social problems.

Summary of the current response

Overview of Host National Society Response Action

The Perm regional Russian Red Cross (RRC) branch has been supporting people who suffered in the attack and relatives of people killed in the attack since the day of the tragedy.
The Perm regional RRC branch is an active member of the response task force lead by the EMERCOM.
Volunteers of the Perm regional RRC branch have provided first aid, supported in transportation of injured people, and delivered other services and assistance related to blood donation as required.
Volunteers of the Perm regional RRC branch are visiting injured in the hospitals. Volunteers of the RRC also were accompanying relatives during funerals, helping at the cemeteries and in churches and ensured PSS during this process.
Russian RC branch in Perm provided victims with specialized MHPSS brochure.
A representative of the Perm regional RRC branch is in regular contact with the authorities. The Perm regional RRC branch took part in the situation analysis and a rapid needs assessment as part of the State Emergency Response Task Force, which was set up by the local authorities. The Russian Red Cross in Perm region agreed with the authorities the provision of MHPSS by the Russian Red Cross.
The Perm regional RRC branch started a fundraising campaign to ensure there are sufficient resources to continue psychosocial support in the medium to long-term after the DREF funding comes to an end.
Perm regional branch of Red Cross (PRC) has experience of short-term and longer-term provision of psychosocial support to different categories of the population. In 2009 the Perm regional RRC branch within the DREF operation successfully provided urgent and mid-term psychosocial support for the people affected by the massive fire accidence in the night club. Local population and local authorities highly appreciated this timely and effective response. The resources of the PRC included trained personnel, a psycho-social support model, and an effective model of long-term social and psychological support to people in crisis situations in line with the MHPSS Strategy of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Overview of other actors in Perm region

Overview of Government response action

No UN agencies or international organisations, other than the National Society operate in Perm. Emergency Ministry in Perm region is the leading state agency carrying out comprehensive response to emergencies and crises. There are no local NGOs that are specialised in the provision of psycho-social support. PRC cooperates with the EMERCOM based on the MoU which defines roles and responsibilities of partners and collaboration during emergencies. The Russian RC keeps regular contact with the Ministry of Labour and Social protection and the Ministry of Health. Psychological first aid and MHPSS to the affected people and victims’ families to overcome acute mental health conditions are currently being provided by a group of psychologists of the EMERCOM’s Centre of Emergency Psychological Help and by the

departments of the Ministry of Health (46 specialists in total). A 24-hours hot line on MHPSS and informational support is operational under the regional Ministry of Health (+ 7-342-258-40-02. Additional hotlines are established within the Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance of Perm State University under supervision of the EMERCOM specialists, The Perm Regional Psychological Center, the regional clinical psychiatric hospital.
The government of the Russian Federation has decided to allocate about 18.5 million RUB for compensation and assistance to victims in the Perm university. Families of people who died from the shootout will receive RUB 1,000,000 (approximately CHF 15,000) for every victim. People injured in the attack will receive from RUB 100,000 to 500,000 (CHF 2,000 – 4,000).
The local authorities started working immediately after the tragedy to save people’s lives and alleviate consequences of the events. Currently, the authorities concentrate their support on provision of emergency psychological help and financial compensations. Over 46 specialists of the EMERCOM and other operative services were deployed.
Psychologists of EMERCOM and Health Ministry were helping people, accompanying them during the investigations and were providing latest information both in person and through a hot line. Expert team in mental health from the Psychological Support Centre (EMERCOM) and Psychiatric Institute (MoH) are deployed for only one month to provide help and to prepare local experts in mental health focusing primarily on care in the hospital.
Coordination and partnerships Russian RC coordinates the activities with authorities of Perm region, particularly with the Ministry of Social Development, responsible for organizing assistance to affected people. The letter from the Perm regional administration with confirmation of MHPSS provision to affected people has been received by Rus