Russian Federation (MAARU002) Mid-Year Report 2012

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This report covers the period 01/Jan/2012 to 30/Jun/2012.


During the reporting period the IFRC Regional Representation in Moscow, with the support from the IFRC Europe Zone Office, continued to provide technical advice and assistance to the process of the Russian Red Cross`s development in its new role of a Member of the IFRC Governing Board, having invested special efforts into several international and regional initiatives, chiefly in the sphere of migration and the promotion of the Russian language as the 5th working language of the Federation.
The following major issues were focused on:

  • Strengthening the dialogue between the Russian Red Cross and the Russian state authorities.
    In the framework of the implementation of the resolution of the 31st International Conference of the RCRC, the IFRC Moscow office facilitated a dialogue between the Russian RC and the Russian Government, aimed at increasing the legal base of the National Society with its auxiliary role to the Government as a leading national humanitarian organisation;

  • Enhancing the operational capacity of the Russian Red Cross based on the priorities identified by Strategy 2020 of the Russian RC: a) Dissemination of International Red Cross Red Crescent Fundamental Principles and Values among staff, volunteers and the general population; b)Health & Care and social services with special focus on healthy life style, complex TB and Multi-Drug Resistant TB control actions, support for people living with HIV (PLWHIV), First Aid, and Child Protection; c)
    Disaster Preparedness and Response, based on the cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) at federal and regional levels; d) Migration, with special attention to anti-stigma and anti–discrimination as well as health and legal support to labour migrants; e) Blood donors` recruitment, youth and volunteers.

  • Support rendered to the organisational development of the Russian Red Cross by starting the process of Organisational Capacity Assessment and Certification process led by the Geneva-based OCAC team, as well as increasing the technical knowledge and skills of staff and volunteers on program development;

  • Facilitation of Movement coordination, aimed at targeted support to the Russian Red Cross according to its Strategy 2020;

  • Establishment of cooperation with the Inter–Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The visit of Bekele Geleta, IFRC Secretary General, to St. Petersburg, Russia, on 17th May 2012, became one of the most important humanitarian diplomacy events in the latest history of the IFRC in the CIS region. During his visit to the 37th session of the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS), the IFRC Secretary General made a welcome speech to more than 200 representatives of the national parliaments of nine member-states of the IPA of the CIS and representatives of other international organizations participating in this high level forum (International Committee of Red Cross, European Council, International Organization for Migration, UN Population Fund etc) and signed a Cooperation Agreement with Valentina Mativenko,
    Chairperson of the Council of the IPA of the CIS. By signing this Agreement, the IFRC and the IPA of the CIS have agreed to combine their efforts and experience in order to develop cooperation for the nine CIS Member Nations and Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to fulfil their mandate in the humanitarian field, with a strong focus on the spheres of disaster law, migration and Red Cross Red Crescent law.