Russian Fed.: "Mop-up" at refugee camp in Ingushetia

INGUSHETIA -- A mopping-up operation has been carried out in the MTF-1 Chechen refugee camp located near the town of Karabulak in Ingushetia.

Unknown armed men in camouflage who drove up in two Gazel vans at approximately 8.30 a.m. arrested two refugees who were living in the camp, and one resident of Chechnya who had arrived on a visit the day before.

According to the evidence of eyewitnesses, there were several men in camouflage, and all except one wore masks. Also, they were speaking Russian.

According to one of the camp's inmates, Magomed Saydumov, the men who arrived presented no documents, and were not accompanied by the area policeman. They conducted a search of the disused sheep pens where the refugees are currently living. They put handcuffs on 29-year-old Musa Saydumov, a native of the village of Dyshne-Vedeno, and drove away with him.

They also put two other people into the vans: Suleyman Chachayev, an employee of the Chechen Interior Ministry, and Taus Dadayev, a native of the town of Urus-Martan. Waving their weapons in the air with shouts of "Keep back!", the unknown men drove away with the detainees.

Later, Dadayev was made to get out at the OMON base in Karabulak. He was fined 1500 roubles for not having a registration stamp in his passport.

Suleyman Chachayev was taken to Chechnya and put down in a field between the town of Shali and the neighbouring village of Germenchug.

So far nothing is known of the location or of what happened to Musa Saydumov, say his relatives, who have now made an application to the local public prosecutor's office.

Translated by David McDuff.


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