Russian Emergencies Ministry saves from wildfires over 70 thousand houses in South Siberia

The Russian Emergencies Ministry saved from wildfires over 70 thousand houses in South Siberia, said Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov at the meeting held by Russian president Vladimir Putin in Abakan.

“Thanks to well-timed measures and professional actions of fire and rescue teams and emergency services over 70 thousand houses and infrastructure facilities in South Siberia have been saved from wildfires”, - the Minister said.

According to Mr. Puchkov crisis management system was quickly deployed under the auspices of the Governmental Disaster Management Commission. Emergency operations centers and task forces are working under the leadership of the National Crisis Management Center.

A state of emergency and special fire conditions have been declared in Khakassia and Trans-Baikal Territory.

“On the first stage we involved fire and rescue units, fire trains and recovery teams of housing and communal services in rural settlements”, - Mr. Puchkov told.

“On the second stage, when the weather stabilized we used heavy aircraft – Be-200 and Il-76 planes, Mi-26 and Mi-8 helicopters and built a strong team of fire and rescue forces and recovery teams”, - added the Minister.

According to him, voluntary fire brigades took active part in fighting the wildfires.

Humanitarian aid is delivered to the affected population. About 70 tonnes of relief goods – foodstuffs, medications, bottled water and other essentials were delivered during the first day.

“50 tonnes have been sent to the hit regions today”, - the Minister said.

At the same time he admitted that “there were some organizational problems in remote municipalities”. “However they were solved during relief operations”, - the Emergencies Minister added.