Russia: Floods Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) update n° 1 DREF Operation no MDRRU023


Summary major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

This Emergency Plan of Action Operation Update no. 1 is issued to report on the no-cost extension of the timeframe of the DREF operation by one and a half months. Distributions are expected to be completed by the end of August.

An extension of the timeframe of the operation is needed due to the following factors which have delayed the implementation:

• Longer-than-planned process for compiling the beneficiary lists – due to relocation of people, long distances and complicated logistics to reach affected areas.

• Serious illness of the director of the RRCS Altai Regional Branch has caused about three weeks of delay.

• The tenders had to be re-launched to ensure full compliance with tendering procedures. (The process has now been completed and agreements signed.)

• Regional branches of the Russian RC overestimated their capacities for what turned out to be a complex and large operation.

The continuous assessment and monitoring have confirmed that all people who were affected by the floods are still in need of humanitarian support. Their living conditions are dire, and a major part of their income is spent on food.

Provision of food and non-food assistance will help them use some of their financial resources to continue to restore their houses. This is especially important considering the nearing of the cold season within the next couple of months following this operation.

The floods have triggered some preparedness actions with financial support from Coca Cola, which has allowed the creation of emergency stocks in four regions. EMERCOM is organising simulation exercises and training for volunteers, while the local authorities are building dams to prevent similar floods in the future.