Russia: Floods DREF operation update n° 1 MDRRU020

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of the situation

In the period between 4 and 10 June 2016, heavy rains caused severe disasters in the Republic of Dagestan, the Republic of North Ossetia and the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation in Northern Caucasus. Damages were observed according to the data received from the local governments, EMERCOM and local Russian Red Cross branches.

The situation analysis for the Republic of Dagestan, Republic of North Ossetia and the Republic of Chechnya is unchanged with regard to the information provided in the DREF. Heavy rain and flooding continued until end of June 2016 that not allowed to affected people to return to their houses or repair it. Sporadic raining continued until mid-July, which caused that people could not return to their homes until that date and until temporary shelter solutions, for the standing houses, were gradually built by the end of July and August.

Summary of current response

Overview of Host National Society

Since the first days of the disaster, the local branches of the Russian Red Cross in the Chechen Republic, Dagestan and North Ossetia have been providing assistance to the local authorities and to emergency agencies. More than 50 Russian Red Cross staff and volunteers have been involved in the initial needs assessment, and they assisted the Local Emergency Commissions and EMERCOM divisions in the evacuation of the people to safe places.

The Russian Red Cross branches in Dagestan, Chechen Republic and North Ossetia distributed non-food items (mattresses and pillows, hygiene sets, food parcels and linen) to the families affected from their preparedness stock as follows:

Relief items were distributed from the emergency stock of the regional branch set up with IFRC support back in 2013 and replenished by ICRC in 2015-2016.

Overview of Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in country
This chapter is unchanged with regard to the original DREF EPoA.

Movement Coordination
This chapter is unchanged with regard to the original DREF EPoA.

Overview of non-RCRC actors in country
This chapter is unchanged with regard to the original DREF EPoA.