Relief operations in Kabardino-Balkaria continue round the clock

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Operations to relief the impact of the landslide that cut off 5 settlements and over 40 tourists facilities in Elbrus District in Kabardino-Balkaria are continuing.

Over 480 people and over 60 units of equipment are involved into relief operations. Damaged road is being repaired, gas supply is being restored, airbridge between the settlements was set up, aid is being provided to the affected population.

The Emergencies Ministry continues reinforcing group of personnel and equipment involved into relief operations. Over 170 rescuers arrived to the emergency area over the past 24 hours. 3 groups of rescuers examined over 85 kilometers of the Baksan River banks.

4 Mil Mi-8 helicopters deliver foodstuffs and necessities to the hit settlements and evacuate tourists and local residents, willing to leave the emergency area. Over the past 24 hours, the helicopters made 25 flights, delivered 2 tons of cargo, evacuated over 420 people, including 77 children and 19 foreign citizens. Over 530 people were evacuated and 5 tons of relief goods were delivered in all.

Group of pyrotechnics specialists from the Leader Center for High Risk Rescue Operations conduct blasting operations to get rid of rocks that are blocking the road. They made 4 blasts, as well as examined rock ledges over the road for stability.

All relief operations are carried out round the clock with all the necessary precautions.