Public corporation "Rosgosstrax" prepares to pay compensation to Chechen residents

Public corporation "Rosgosstrax" has accomplished a many-month effort to find archive documents making it possible to start paying compensations under insurance agreements to residents of the Chechen republic. Press-service of the insurance company told "Business news agency" that as a result of a joint work with the Chechen finance ministry, about 23 thousand life insurance agreements signed since 1992 have been returned to "Rosgosstrax".

According to deputy general director of the public corporation Nadezhda Krainova, head of the compensation payments center, the effort to return Chechen archive documents started in February 2001. This issue was on the agenda of the government board handling restoration of the social sector and economy in Chechnya, which tasked "Rosgosstrax" with mapping ways to compile registers of depositors in organizations of the state insurance.

N. Krainova said that to achieve the task, it is essential to find archives since there is in fact no hope that Chechnya's residents have kept documents confirming the fact that insurance agreements had been signed. Now on the drawing board is the procedure of paying preliminary compensations to residents of Chechnya and displaced persons. The payments will be launched after the document is approved by the Russian government. (

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