Preparations for Constitution referendum under way in Chechnya

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Preparations for a constitution referendum are in full swing in Chechnya, deputy head of the Chechen administration Taus Dzhabrailov said on Thursday at a sitting of the State Duma commission for assistance to political settlement and the observance of human rights in Chechnya. 414 polling stations have been arranged, he said. The Russian Federation has allocated a total of 60 million roubles for holding the referendum on a constitution for the Chechen republic, said the deputy head of the Chechen administration.
"The people of Chechnya, deceived by bandits and thrown into the millstones of war, have at last decided to take their fate into their own hands", stressed Dzhabrailov.

He noted the complicated conditions of the preparations for the referendum. Militants and terrorists are doing all to wreck the procedure of expressing the will of the people, he said. To prevent that, residents of Chechnya should arrange patrolling on its territory and declare amnesty for participants in illegal armed formations who have not been involved in military crimes and acts of terrorism, he believes.

In all, 6 versions of the draft fundamental law were prepared and submitted for discussion by the constitution commission. The best of the six has been selected. It has been agreed upon at all levels, including with the main law department at the president the Russian Federation, said the deputy head of the Chechen administration.

The referendum on a constitution for the Chechen republic has been set for March 23. (RIA Novosti)