The Prague Watchdog Weekly Newsletter, No. 9/2010 (March 3)

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The day of hatred (by Prague Watchdog / German Sadulayev, February 24 2010)

Absolute power is sustained by irrational fear. It must periodically surprise and suppress its subjects by manifestations of infinite cruelty.

A new turn in the Kremlin's Caucasus policy: from "governor-general" to "successful management" (by Prague Watchdog / Sergei Markedonov, March 2 2010)

If we accept the thesis that the era of the governor-general is now over in the North Caucasus, it would be useful to gain some idea of the range of policy instruments that are available to a top Caucasus envoy in the "post-governor-general" era.

The cancer ward (weekly review) (by Prague Watchdog / Vadim Borshchev, March 3 2010)

Putin's promise to "flush the extremists down the toilet" has been fulfilled a hundred times, if not more. But if his recent words are anything to go by, the new President appears less certain of a positive outcome.

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