The OSCE Assistance Group to Chechnya

Survey of OSCE Long-Term Missions and Other OSCE Field Activities
1. Basic Decisions

Establishment:16th meeting of the Permanent Council, 11 April 1995, decision (a)

2. Tasks

As laid down in the decision of the Permanent Council of 11 April 1995, the Assistance Group performs the following tasks, in conjunction with Russian federal and local authorities, and in full conformity with the legislation of the Russian Federation:

  • promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the establishment of facts concerning their violation; help foster the development of democratic institutions and processes, including the restoration of the local organs of authority; assist in the preparation of possible new constitutional agreements and in the holding and monitoring of elections;
  • facilitate the delivery to the region by international and non-governmental organizations of humanitarian aid for victims of the crisis, wherever they may be located;
  • provide assistance to the authorities of the Russian Federation and to international organizations in ensuring the speediest possible return of refugees and displaced persons to their homes in the crisis region;
  • promote the peaceful resolution of the crisis and the stabilization of the situation in the Chechen Republic in conformity with the principle of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation and in accordance with OSCE principles and pursue dialogue and negotiations, as appropriate, through participation in 'round tables', with a view to establishing a cease-fire and eliminating sources of tension;
  • support the creation of mechanisms guaranteeing the rule of law, public safety and law and order.

3. Deployment

The Assistance Group began working in Grozny on 26 April 1995.

Since the last evacuation of the Assistance Group from Grozny (16 December 1998), the Chairman-in-Office has repeatedly prolonged the absence of the Group due to the deteriorating security situation in Chechnya. The understanding has been that the Assistance Group would return to Grozny only when the security situation has improved significantly. Until then, upon decision by the CiO, the Assistance Group will function from a temporary office in Moscow.

4. Duration

No limitations as to the duration of the Group's work have been set.

5. Composition

The Assistance Group initially consisted of a team of 6 members. The Chairman-in-Office in consultation with the Russian Federation, is authorized to decide on the group's membership. There are currently 5 members of the Group.

The Head of Group (as of 1 January 2000) is Amb. Alfred Missong of Austria.

6. Financial Implications

The OSCE Budget for 2000, adopted at the 262nd Plenary Meeting of the Permanent Council on 15 December 1999, PC.DEC/331 AG to Chechnya: EUR 1,544,700..

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