Ministry for Trade and Economic Development speaks on the 2002 program on Chechnya's restoration

13.02.2003 19:25
According to the press-service of the Russian Ministry for Trade and Economic Development, a consolidated budget was formed for the first time and fields of social services, healthcare, education, culture and sports have started to function last year in Chechnya.

The priority task of the program on the restoration of Chechnya's economy and social sector approved by the Russian government in the end of 2001 was to create conditions for the return of population to places of residence and restoration of housing sector and infrastructure. According to the ministry, 353 thousand cubic meters of housing, including 1 966 private and 13 municipal houses have been commissioned.

20 employment centers are operating across the republic and more than 230 thousand people turned there for help last year. About 180 thousand people received unemployment benefits. Allowances have been granted for 390 thousand children. More than 40 thousand Chechen children went to health and rehabilitation centers last summer. 225 thousand students are now studying in 456 secondary schools, 28 evening schools, three schools of higher learning and 19 polytechnic colleges.

Under the program, the bank system has been set up in the republic, energy supply and oil-and-gas networks have almost been restored and reconstruction of industrial facilities has started.

Tax revenues in Chechnya amounted for 23 billion 344 million 90 thousand rubles last year, including more than 1 billion rubles that went to the republican budget. These sums are comparable to figures of other North Caucasian republics, the ministry said. (