Message by Commission President Romano Prodi to Mr Vladimir Putin, Acting President of the Russian Federation

Bruxelles, le 31 décembre 1999

Mr Acting President,

Please accept my congratulations and good wishes on the occasion of your appointment as Acting President of the Russian Federation.

I'm convinced that Russia will have a successful and democratic transition to a new Presidency.

I recall with great pleasure our meeting in Helsinki in October and I'm looking forward to further reinforce co-operation between Russia and the European Commission in the framework of the existing Partnership and Co-operation Agreement.

I'm also confident that you will do your utmost to end, as soon as possible, the hostilities in Chechnya and pave the way for a full compliance with the International Community legitimate concern for the situation of civil population and for the respect of human rights in the Northern Caucasus.

The European Commission confirms its readiness to provide humanitarian assistance to the region.

I look forward to having an early opportunity to discuss with you personally the various fields of our co-operation.

Please accept Mr Acting President the assurance of my highest consideration and best wishes to you and your country.