Local worker of Czech relief agency disappears in Grozny; kidnapping suspected

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(Prague Watchdog) - Ibragim Zyazikov, a local policeman working for the Czech humanitarian agency "People in Need Foundation" (PINF), disappeared on February 26 or 27 in Grozny, and it is suspected he was kidnapped.

He was travelling from the Chechen capital to Ingushetia, but never reached his destination. All that the Chechen police found was Zyazikov's abandoned car.

His family requested that the media hold off awhile before making this news public as they first wanted to make inquiries through their own contacts in the area.

So far it has not been proven that Zyazikov's disappearance is in some way connected to the humanitarian aid that PINF provides. People in Chechnya disappear quite often, and the motivation of the perpetrators is to get ransom.

Zyazikov worked for the agency for three years, overseeing security and acting as an escort and guard for the humanitarian convoys. He is married to Petra Prochazkova, a Czech journalist, and is related to Murat Zyazikov, President of Ingushetia.

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