Islamic Relief Chechnya Update No. 8

  1. The Present Crisis
  • The Ingush government have estimated that there are nearly 300,000 Chechen refugees within its borders. This figure includes unregistered refugees.
  • People continue to cross from Chechnya to Ingushetia but there is also a movement back to Russian-controlled parts of Chechnya. The Ingush government reports that they expect another 60,000 refugees to arrive this week.
  • Refugees live outside in cars, buses, railway wagons and tented camps. The railway wagons are overcrowded and there is no heating.
  • Due to the number of refugees the government has set up a new camp called 'Kavkas'
  • According to media sources in Ingushetia, refugees were being told to go to back to Chechnya or be refused food
  • Between 150-170 refugees, mostly children, have died during the past 2 months. This is due to the severe cold and lack of medical facilities.
  • Heavy snow has already blanketed the region thus the freezing conditions are compounding the harsh living conditions
  • Many are suffering from numerous injuries and a lack of medical facilities.

Islamic Relief Plans

Distribution so far:

  • We have now purchased two mobile clinics, two trucks for distribution and one Kamaz truck for water delivery project
  • 5000 plastic water containers have been purchased and will be distributed to the refugees this week.
  • 20 water tanks have been purchased and will be distributed to the 8 refugee camps.
  • 5000 blankets are on order and will be delivered next week
  1. Donor News
  • Human Concern International (HCI) a Canadian based organisation have now pledged $50,000 towards the CRRP
  • CAFOD have pledged to donate $50,000 towards the CRRP
  • IR Pakistan has raised $40,000
  • IR US has raised $450,000
  • IR Germany has raised $40,000
  • IR HQ has raised $220,000
  • IR UK has raised $85,000 (up to 30.11.99)


  • The only organisations working there at the moment is Ministry of Emergency, UNHCR, ICRC (International Committee for Red Cross) and Islamic Relief
  • Contact has been made with the OCHA (Organisation for Co-ordination on Humanitarian Affairs). We have been invited to take part in meetings with the above organisations so our efforts will be co-ordinated with other agencies.