Islamic Relief Chechnya Update No. 5

Situation Report
Originally published
1. The Present Crisis
  • Chechens are streaming into Ingushetia on a daily basis via cars, buses or on foot to escape the conflict
  • The refugees are streaming into Ingushetia at a rate of 4,000 a day.
  • The Ingush government have estimated that there are approximately 296,438 Chechen refugees within its borders (which includes 17,191 from the conflict with Osetia, 13,468 from the Chechnyan conflict of 1994, 235,779 from Chechnya since September '99 and 30,000 unregistered persons)
  • Refugees live outside in railway wagons and tented camps. More than one family is squeezed into one wagon.
  • Heavy snow has already blanketed the region thus the freezing conditions are compounding the harsh living conditions
  • Numerous injuries and a lack of medical facilities.
  • The Ingush government is unable to cope with the situation due to the lack of experience, resources and support
2. Islamic Relief Plans

2.1 Chechnya Refugees Relief Programme - $1,748,006

The project aims to assist the most exposed refugees in Ingushetia who are living in the seven camps set up with a ten mile radius of the border

  • The project will provide the bare necessities to sustain life in the harsh environment through the provisions of essential basic food, water and medical assistance
The aims are :
  • To provide assistance to 4000 refugee families, totaling approximately 20,000 people, in the form of packs of essential food and non-food items, for a duration of up to six months
  • To supply provisions of clean water to 7 camps in the border region
  • To implement and maintain 4 mobile clinics equipped with medical facilities and staff to address on-site medical needs of refugees.
Without such provisions, large numbers of people will suffer from malnutrition, and disease. With the winter season already upon them, the need for swift action is paramount to prevent further hardship.

International assistance has so far been slow and IR would like to see more international agencies assisting with relief efforts.

3. Networking

The CRRP will form part of the ongoing efforts to assist refugees in the Republic of Ingushetia, together with the close collaboration of the government of Ingushetia, the Russian Emergency Committee, ICRC, and the UNHCR.