Islamic Relief Chechnya Update No. 4

Current situation in the region:
Many refugees have fled to neighbouring Republic of Ingueshetia. The official number of refugees is over 163,000. It is expected that the numbers will increase.

The borders with Dagistan are currently blocked and closed, hence, there are no refugees there as yet.

The status of the refugees is very poor. They are living in schools, sport-centres, clinics and public places, all in very crowded conditions. Many are living in the open air.

The situation is very chaotic and a state of emergency has being declared. A night curfew has being imposed. Schools and public offices/buildings are closed. Those that are left are preparing to flee.

Very Latest:

  • No. of registered refugees inside Chechnya 50,000
  • No of registered refugees inside Ingueshetia 163,000.
  • FACT: population of Ingueshetia before crisis = 360,000
  • Russian Emergency Committee has distributed tents and other shelter. Some refugees are staying with host families.

IR Chechnya - The response

IR has managed to obtain a working permission from the authorities in Nazran - Ingushita to provide aid to the Chechen refugees.

IR hopes to distribute food packets to a target group of 2000 refugees in Ingueshetia over a 6 month period - distribution may include blankets, water and bread.

Priority Needs of refugees:

Blankets (minimum 2 per family) at $10 each
Hygiene packs

The state of the camps is as follows:

  • Kaneeski Camp: 35 tents - 700 refugees
  • Karabulak Camp: 60 tents + vehicles -1700 refugees
  • Sliski Site: 100 train coaches- 5400 refugees (expecting another 150 coaches and an additional 8000 refugees)
  • Sputnik Camp: 215 tents - 3000 refugees (expecting an additional 500 tents and an additional 7000 refugees)

All camps have very poor sanitation facilities and no water supply.

Situation is still deteriorating:

NO water
NO electricity
NO gas
NO medicines.

We looking into the feasibility of potable water and providing bread.