Islamic Relief Chechnya Update No. 3

Current Situation:
The situation in Chechnya is deteriorating by the hour. The number of officially registered refugees is 187,798 with unofficial figures putting the numbers at between 40-50,000. Our office in Chechnya estimates that the number refugees will reach 500,000 by the end of October. The number of refugees without shelter is on the increase and hospitals are unable to receive any more patients.

Facts & figures:

IR Chechnya also estimates the following:

  • 1,500 people dead
  • 8,000 people injured
  • 27,000 refugees in Grozny
  • 11,955 refugees in Argon
  • 3,213 refugees in Gudermess
  • The Ingushetia Government estimates the number of refugees to be 300,000
  • Most refugees are either living with relatives or living in schools, Government buildings, tents, on the streets, parks, etc. Many of the refugees do not have blankets, especially the ones living in the open.
  • Electricity is being cut off in Grozny.
  • Bombings are increasing by the hour/day.

Islamic Relief in Chechnya

  • Mohammed Alla, IR's Field Director in Chechnya, had a meeting with Mr Patrick McKenna, Field Staff Advisor for UNHCR and Mr Francois Wuarin, Head of Mission for the Red Cross.
  • The UNHCR confirmed that it is unable to work in Chechnya and that it cannot stay in Ingushetia. It has so far implemented its food projects via the Russian Ministry for Humanitarian Aid. They have expressed their willingness to work with a reliable NGO such as Islamic Relief and they have requested IR to write to him asking for co-operation and for a mutual working relationship.
  • The Red Cross cannot work within Chechnya. Previous work in Chechnya included the distribution/provision of clean drinking water, food distribution and providing hospitals with blood transfusions. They are now looking to work with refugees from within Dagestan.
  • Islamic Relief is preparing to distribute its food packets soon. The food packet will consist of 2kg rice, 2kg sugar, 5kg flour, 1 kg pasta + tea, matches, candles & soap, and will cost $6.
  • Islamic Relief met with Ingushetia's Prime Minister Mr Ashhab Abdurrahman and obtained permission to work inside Ingushetia.