Islamic Relief Chechnya Update No. 2

Current Situation:

  • Everyone in the city is on the move and people are trying to leave for Ingueshetia.
  • Many more villages, towns and cities have now being directly hit and some are badly destroyed. These include Smashky, Argon and the outskirts of Grozny.
  • A state of war & emergency has been fully declared in Chechnya & Ingueshetia.
  • More refugees are arriving by the hour and their situation is deteriorating.
  • There is a sharp increase in food commodity prices.
  • There is also a sharp increase in transportation prices. For example, the cost of a taxi per person from Grozny to Nzran has increased from $5 to $100.

Islamic Relief in Chechnya

  • IR operations inside Chechnya are being scaled down. The Khawarezmi Computer Centre has postponed its services. The Nusibha Centre has also postponed its services. This, however, was due to the sharp decrease in the number of students who are unable to attend the courses.
  • IR Office in Chechnya, however, is still operating.
  • More food packets & blankets need to be distributed to the refugees.
  • TB Vaccines can be offered to the refugees.
  • IR is currently trying to obtain permission from the Ingueshetia Authorities. This will allow IR to work more freely with the refugees inside Ingueshetia.

Other Organisations

  • Currently there are no NGOs operating in Chechnya.
  • The Red Cross & UN are present in Ingueshetia.
  • No Islamic Organisation is currently working with the refugees inside or outside Chechnya.