Islamic Relief Chechnya Update No. 12

Situation Report
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"Expansion of IR beneficiaries from 4100 families to 8000 families (50,000 people)"

Latest News from the field....

The Ingush government has estimated that there are over 300,000 Chechen refugees within its borders. This figure includes unregistered refugees.


Given the scale of the suffering of the refugees in Ingushetia, IR has decided to expandIt's Program to an additional 4000 beneficiary families (over 25,000 people) from the Middle of February.

Mobile Medical Clinics

Islamic Relief's 4 mobile clinics are continuously operating from morning until nightfall, and are equipped with a team consisting of one doctor, one nurse and one driver. This provision of primary health care will bring enormous relief to thousands who have been deprived of basic medical treatment for months.

Distribution so far:

Islamic Relief has increased its food packets distribution to 8000 families (50,000 People) at present, WHICH RESULTS IN A WEEKLY DISTRIBUTION OF 93 TONS OF FOOD.

By the 15th of February, Islamic Relief would have completed its 11th food distribution, which means that over 1000 TONS OF FOOD HAS BEEN DISTRIBUTED.

Blanket Distribution:  A cargo of 10,000 blankets has arrived and is, being distributed to various camps. Temperatures are falling below 0 degrees daily, and these blankets are at times the only source of warmth to the refugees.

COAL PROVISION: IR is continuing to supply coal to refugee families for cooking and heating. As people struggle to cope with sub-zero conditions, the shortage of wood and fuel is adding to the misery in the camps. IR has therefore included a daily provision of 2 kg of coal for each of the beneficiary families we are currently helping in the 3 refugee camps in which we are operating. Distribution will begin in the first week of February.

Water Supply Program:

30 Water containers have been purchased and set up within 6 refugee camps, each has a 3000 litre capacity. A regular delivery of fresh water is made to each tank by the projects water carrying vehicle (a second has been ordered and its delivery is imminent). The water delivery truck (20,000 litres) refills up to six times daily and operates from dawn till dusk everyday. 500 plastic water containers have been distributed within the camps.

Refugee Camps No. Of Refugees No. Of Water Cont. (3000)
Sputnik 6810 10
Severnii 6696 10
Karbulak 7546 3
New Karabulak 2214 3
Nazran 1000 1
Malgobik Region Not Specified 3
TOTAL 24,266+ 30

Latest Developments:

Islamic Relief will be perforiming Qurbanis in the Chechen refugee camps on behalf of individuals the price of Qurbani is $65. Each Qurbani will feed 10 Families.

Our relief program manager is managing a team of 60 people. From our offices in Nalcik (Kabardin Balkar) and Nazran (Ingushetia ), to the 3 warehouses ( 2 in Nalcik and 1 in Nazran ), to the distribution and monitoring in the camps, an extended network of people is now required to keep the projects up and running.

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