Information on flood in Siberian Federal District as of 06:00 AM, Moscow time, 11.06.2014

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As of 06:00 AM, 11.06.2014, 1,552 homes (over the past 24 hours increase by 145 homes) inhabited by 5,423 people (over the past 24 hours increase by 171 people), including 1,092 children (over the past 24 hours increase by 90 children) and 2,139 farmlands (over the past 24 hours increase by 241 farmlands) remain flooded in 18 settlements (over the past 24 hours increase by 2 settlements) in 10 municipalities (over the past 24 hours increase by 2 municipalities) in the Altai Territory.

There are no flooded homes in the Republics of Altai and Khakassia.

Repairs are underway.

A total of 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid has been delivered in the disaster area.

Over the past 24 hours:

the team of forces and equipment has been reinforced by 50 rescue brigades (500 people) from Volga and Amur Rescue Centers, Ural Training Rescue Center, Siberian Regional SAR Team and specialized fire and rescue stations of the Siberian Rescue Center;

commissions have continued assessing damages caused by the flood;

repairs have been underway and address help has been provided to the affected people;

1,041 yards have been cleaned (in all, 7,194 yards);

water has been pumped out of 20 yards (in all, from 909 yards);

15 bridges have been repaired (in all, 73 bridges);

0.35 km of power lines have been repaired (in all, 279.09 km);

no transformer substations have been turned on (in all, 66 transformer substations);

no dykes have been constructed (in all, 72 km of dykes);

18.01 cubic meters of drinking water has been delivered in 8 settlements (in all, 291.05 cubic meters of water has been delivered to 11 settlements);

0.57 tonnes of foodstuffs has been delivered to 5 settlements (in all, 26.26 tonnes of foodstuffs has been delivered to 29 settlements);

1 water intake, 1 hole, 71 wells, 173 dump wells and 641 yards have been disinfected (in all, 29 water intakes, 12 holes, 3,420 wells, 6,165 dump wells and 3, 589 yards);

Russian Emergencies Ministry psychologists have helped 8 citizens (in all, to 782 citizens), the hotline received 65 calls (in all, 2,281 calls).

Operations planned:

continuance of repairs;

help to the affected people;

12,533 people and 3,158 pieces of equipment, including 6,177 people and 523 pieces of equipment of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, including local garrisons of fire department and 12 aircrafts, are involved in relief operations.

Information has been provided by National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry