Information on cyclone in the Krasnodar Territory as of 6:00 a.m. Moscow time on 8 July 2012

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16 temporary shelters are ready. One thousand people (including 51 children) are placed in 13 temporary shelters, the rest are at their relatives’. 39 psychologists are rendering emergency psychological aid, it has been provided in 83 cases, hot lines have received 725 calls. 23 transforming plants have been cut off compulsory, 28,927 people (including 4,020 children) in 7 settlements remain power-cut. We remind that in the period from 07:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on 06.07.2012 as a result of torrential rains (96.4 mm of precipitation) 5,185 residential houses, inhabited by 26,475 people (including 6,330 children), 2,035 attached territories, 7 socially important facilities are in the flood zone in Gelendzhik, Divnomorskoye, Krymsk, Nizhnebakanskaya, Neberdzhaevskaya, Kabardinka and Novorossiysk, power, gas and water supplying systems are destructed. 12,071 people are affected, including 134 killed (five of electricity shock). 320 people, including 48 children have applied for medical help: to Gelendzhik Central Town Hospital – 61 people, including 7 hospitalized; to Krymsk Central District Hospital – 259 people (including 48 children), 97 people have been hospitalized (including 13 children).

As of 06:00 a.m. on 8 July 2012:

Water went away from houses and socially important facilities, basements of 5,105 houses and 110 attached territories remain partly flooded. 21 children’s health camps in Gelendzhik with a total of 7,504 children have been checked and are fit for living. Food supply is organized. 2,756 people (including 126 children from children’s health camps) have been evacuated from the flood zone. In connection with heavy damage to low pressure gas pipes the gas supply in Krymsk is partly destructed. 38,000 subscribers (30,200 people) remain without gas supply. 7,800 subscribers (20.5%) are supplied. In Novorossiysk and Divnomorskoye water supply points operate normally. Water supplying system is broke down in Nizhnebakanskaya and Neberdzhaevskaya with 2,400 people (including 190 children). Motor transport system operates normally. On railway station Krymskaya – 9th km is closed. 16 trains with 4,558 passengers have been kept off. 72 inter-agency task forces are checking the territories. A total of 1,334 residential houses have been checked, of them are destroyed 254 houses (including 96 houses completely destroyed and 158 partly), inhabited by 656 people (including 123 children).

Socially important facilities operate normally.

Bk-117 and Bo-105, a task force of EMERCOM, a task force of NEMC and rescuers of CENTROSPAS team were delivered by Il-76 helicopters at 11:55 a.m. in Anapa airport. 5 EMERCOM helicopters have flown around the territory of Krymsky district, 20 flights have been carried out, total flying time is 13 hours 5 minutes. At 6:29 p.m. a mobile control center of EMERCOM Main Office in Krasnodar Territory arrived in Krymsk. At 07:06 p.m. Il-76 carrying an inter-agency working group headed by EMERCOM Minister landed in Gelendzhik airport. At 07:40 p.m. a mobile control center of EMERCOM Main Office in the Republic of Adygea arrived in Krymsk. At 09:10 p.m. Yak-42 landed in Perm carrying 84 people (including 75 children) from children’s health camps of Gelendzhik. In addition, SAR teams from Adygea, Yeysk, and a combined team of 40th squad of the Federal Fire-Fighting Service from the Rostov Region have arrived in Krymsk. Krasnodar SAR team has arrived in Gelendzhik. A total of 2,906 people and 504 units of equipment, including 1,169 people and 211 units of equipment of EMERCOM are employed to deal with the aftermath of torrential rains in the Krasnodar Territory.