Humanitarian organisations plan to transfer operations directly to Chechnya this year

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Timur Aliyev, North Caucasus - In 2003 international humanitarian organisations plan to start transferring the focus of their activities from Ingushetia directly to Chechnya to a larger extent, said Musayp Visengereyev, the head of the commission for providing governmental and humanitarian aid of the Moscow-backed Chechen government.

Visengereyev said that the commission, which is authorised by the Chechen government to co-ordinate the operation of these non-governmental organisations, has set as its goal for the year 2003 not only to reroute the bulk of humanitarian activities from the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia but also to transfer their representations.

According to the commission, there are altogether 21 international non-governmental organisations operating at present in the territory of Chechnya. "But only four of them have their representations within the country itself," Visengereyev noted.

Musayp Visengereyev gave several examples of humanitarian programmes carried out by NGOs. For example, through the World Food Programme of the United Nations more than 32,000 tonnes of various foodstuffs had been delivered to the republic and distributed among its citizens, he said.

"Through the medical programmes of the World Health Organisation six humanitarian organisations have supplied medications to all medical facilities in Chechnya," Visengereyev reported. "The Polish Humanitarian Action and the International Rescue Committee have supplied purified drinking water to all districts of Grozny."

According to Visengereyev the transfer of humanitarian activities of these as well as other organisations will also among others "provide new job opportunities for the citizens of Chechnya." (D/T)

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