GIEWS Country Brief: Russian Federation 17-July-2019


  • One-third of winter wheat crops harvested as of early July

  • Cereal production in 2019 forecast slightly above average

  • Bumper exports of wheat forecast in 2019/20

  • Export prices of wheat decreased steeply between March and June 2019

One-third of winter wheat crops harvested as of early July

Harvesting of winter crops, mainly wheat, is ongoing and is expected to finalize by mid-August. As of early July, about 17 million tonnes of wheat had been collected from an area of 4 million hectares, nearly one-third of the total area sown with winter wheat. Weather conditions have been overall favourable between November 2018 and April 2019, with adequate snow levels and warmer-than-average temperatures during the winter that mitigated the risk of frost damage. In May and June, however, below-average rain levels and above-average temperatures were observed in most parts of the Volga and Central federal districts, which, on average, produce about 40 percent of the total winter wheat output. In these areas, soil moisture levels were reported to be below average as of early July.

Planting of the spring crops, for harvest in August‑September 2019, finalized by the end of June, under generally favourable weather conditions.