Emergency recovery operations carried out in Amur Region

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The water level in the rivers of Amur Region is dropping steadily. Over the past 24 hours according to hydrological bulletin of the Amur meteorological center as of 8 AM, 30 August the water level in the Amur river near Blagiveshchensk has gone down by 50 cm and is 543cm, in the Zeya river the level has also receded by 61 cm and is 549 cm. The towns and villages in Amur Region are being released from water gradually. Over the past 24 hours water has gone from 3 villages: Ust-Ivanovka, Zarechny and Verkhblagoveshchenskoye in Blaboveshchensky district. Integrated recovery brigades are continuing with recovery operations, commissions are inspecting the houses, the water is being pumped out from basements and the yards are being cleaned.

The relief efforts are taking place in all districts of the region. This way, on 29 August the roads destroyed by the floods were restored in Mazanovsky district, the motorway Novoliyevsky Uval – Sapronovo – Seryshevo was strengthened near the village of Khtristinovka, the motorway Novoliyevsky Uval – Mazanovo – Krasnoyarovo is being filled up to the village of Mazanovo. The brigades have disinfected the yards in the villages of Mazanovo, Beloyarovo, Novoliyevsky Uval, Krasnoyarovo. A humanitarian cargo has been received from the village of Progress. humanitarian goods are veing provided in flood ravaged areas: the aid has been sent to the villages of krasnoyarovo, Molchanovo and Praktichi.

Operations have been carried out in boiler rooms in Mikhailovksy district. An integrated recovery brigade has cleaned the streets from garbage and dirt in the village of Dim. The roads have been filled with gravel in the villages of Dim and Poyarovo.

On 29 August power supply was turned on to 150 users of 178, 66 km of roads connecting the villages of Gribskoye and Peredovoye were restored, the washed away sections of roads were removed in Blagoveshchensky district. A water tower and a stokehole were completely cleaned up in the village of Grodekovo.

Rescuers and firefighters using vehicles of local businessmen are pumping out water in the city district of Blagoveshchensk. Sand and water defenses are being dismantled and moved to the warehouses. The fences are being repaired and people are being helped in restoring their houses in the city district.

In the village of Belogorye the crossing is operating from Mukhina Street to Streets Zheleznodorozhnaya and Zaosyornaya, material assistance and rations are being handed out, commissions are determining the damage. People in Blagoveshchensky district are being vaccinated from contagious diseases.

Water is being pumped out from the basements of houses in the town of Belogorsk. Power supply has been turned on to high rise apartment buildings. Foodstuffs are being delivered to the village of Nizinnoye. On 29 August the flooded territories started to be disinfected.

In the city district of Shimanovsk 13 washed away sections of roads in the town are being repaired and restored, namely in Gaydar, Voroshilov and Chkalov streets, a footbridge is being built over the Bolshaya Pera river, the road connected to water conduit and a children’s policlinic are being repaired. Humanitarian aid was handed out to the affected people yesterday in Shimanovsk, 160 rations were handed out.

In Skovorodinsky district container grounds and dumpsters, yards and toilets are being disinfected. Samples have been taken from working wells of drinking water for chemical and biological analyses and they have been disinfected. The samples of soil have also been taken. The basements in the district are inspected daily, waste soil and garbage are being removed, the roads are being repaired. people have been vaccinated from hepatitis A and cattle from murrain.

Water is being pumped out from basements of houses and buildings in Ivanovsky district. Roads are being repaired. Coal is being delivered on the village of Ivanovka from Yerkovetsky open cast. A joint recovery brigade is helping people to clear their yards from garbage in the village of Nikolayevka, are helping to get ready the local school for the new academic year in the village of Cheremkhovo. 133 yards from 137 and 9 public wells have been disinfected in Ivanovsky district.

Foodstuffs are being delivered to the villages of Kasatkino, Sagibovo, Zhuravlyovka, Novopokrovka, Severnoye in Arkharinsky district.

People are being vaccinated in Konstantinovsky district. Yesterday 122 children were sent to children’s camps in Primorsky Territory. Temporary shelters have been dismantled from all schools and the repairs are now under way. All schools, except the one in the village of Novopetrovka, will start the new academic year on time. Dikes are being built in the villages of Novopetrovka and Orlovka and the dike is under the capital repairs in Konstantinovsk.

The territories and yards are being cleaned up in the village of Ivanovka in Zeysky district. Water has been pumped out from basements of houses in Zarechnaya Street and Sosnovy Lane in the village of Algach.

96 yards have been disinfected in the town of Svobodny, shuts have been prepared for the hose over the railways to pump out water from Surazhenka micro-district.

The section of road from Yekaterinovslavka to Preobrazhenovka is being repaired in Oktyabrsky district.

44 integrated recovery brigades of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry with a total of 660 people are involved in recover operations in flood-affected villages and towns. The brigades have all necessary equipment.