Emergencies Ministry rescuers defused 14 explosive devices in Rzhev District

A combined rescue team of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is carrying out demining operations in Rzhev District, Tver Region. Some of the fiercest fighting had taken place in this area during the Great Patriotic War. Deadly unexploded mines and shells still can be found in the territory, where the Rzhev-Vyazma battle had happened. Echoes of that time still pose a threat to local residents, as now the area is agricultural land.

The team consists of 25 experts of the High-Risk Rescue Operations Center "Leader" and the Noginsk Rescue Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Operations are led by Deputy Chief of Demining and Special Canine Operations Division of the Center "Leader" Colonel Mikhail Yuzbashev.

To date, a farmland area of 57,650 square meters has been cleared, 14 anti-tank mines and shells have been defused.

According to Commander of the Mechanical Clearance Group Captain Denis Kurepin, a feature of the operation is that a demining vehicle “Hydrema 910 MCV” is being used to clear a scrubland area of ​​20 hectares of mines. While moving this unique machine initiates the detonation of explosive devices, allowing rescuers to work effectively in such a vast territory.

Manual mine clearance teams, which survey the territory and defuse unexploded ordnance, are led by Major Ivan Shirin and Captain Dmitri Kraus, who have extensive experience in organizing and conducting demining operations in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

All team members are provided with necessary modern protective equipment, in particular, demining sets and associated gear.