EMERCOM of Russia held meeting of Federal Emergency Operations Center on 18 July 2012 at 7 p.m. Moscow time

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EMERCOM Head Vladimir Puchkov demanded to step up explanatory work among the population affected by the floods in Krymsk. “I’m asking to step up explanatory work among the population, including information about main provisions of Presidential Decree on measures on elimination of disaster aftermath”, - stressed Mr Puchkov. He also demanded to ensure control over operation of subsistence systems and quality of services and paid attention to operation of washing stations in Krymsk. “If needed make the washing stations work round-the-clock”, - the Minister said. In addition speaking with representatives of local authorities through visual communication the Minister ordered to speed up payouts. “I’m asking to speed up this work”, - said the Minister. According to the Deputy Minister for Social Development of Krasnodar Territory Denis Protsenko 8,950 people have received compensation for completely lost property.

EMERCOM Minister also paid attention to compensations to families of the killed. “I’m asking to take measures to complete paying out compensations to the families of the killed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow”, - the Minister pointed out. So far, 89 families of the killed have received 2 million rubles payouts. Vladimir Puchkov reminded that in accordance with the Presidential Decree all RF citizens present in the flood zone would get 160 thousand rubles for compensation. “And families of the killed have to get 2 million rubles”, - the Minister said. These sums are provided for by the Decree “On measures to eliminate aftermath of a disaster – flash floods in Krasnodar Territory” signed the day before by the RF President. EMERCOM Minister noted that implementation of provisions of Decree is being controlled. “The priority is still targeted, actual help to the people”, - said Vladimir Puchkov.
As of 7 p.m. Moscow time 18 July 2012 In Krymsk:

All transformer plants have been restored, power is fully supplied.
Planned power cuts are under way in connection with cleaning and drying of the internal switchgears, operations are being carried out on the calls from the citizens. 50 meal stations over 24 hours have distributed 22,520 portions, in all – 190,934 portions

To provide people with drinking water, 42 special points have been set up, which have distributed 123,600 liters of water over 24 hours, in all – 1,338,430 liters.

100% of sewages have been cleaned.

1,121 courtyards have been cleared.

7,328 cubic meters of debris have been removed, over 24 hours – 1,167 cubic meters.

17,100 tons of litter has been taken away from the streets and courtyards, overall 108,972 tons.

On people’s requests water has been pumped out of 269 houses, in all – of 6,163 houses.

People are being vaccinated. In all, 120,418 people have been vaccinated (over 24 hours 3,624), including EMERCOM employees – 3,624 and 27,697 children.

8 humanitarian aid discharge centers are operating.

Emergency psychological aid has been provided in 245 cases, in all – 11,351cases.

1,033 children and 13 pregnant women from affected families have been sent to sanatoriums of Krasnodar Territory for rehabilitation.

Hot lines have received 5,284 calls (176 calls over 24 hours), measures are taken for all calls.

Federal Migration Service Department has issued 22 passports to the people affected by the floods in Krasnodar Territory (in all, 2,274 passports).

Work has been organized to involve volunteers in the emergency operations (overall 2,553 volunteers are involved).

EMERCOM mobile hospital is operating. Help has been rendered to 73 people (35 people over 24 hours).

21 stationary and 1 mobile information stations have been deployed. Washing has been arranged in 16 wash stations in decontamination-shower trailers. Altogether,

5,603 people, including 468 children have been washed (1,857 people – over 24 hours, including 61 children).

Financial assistance to the people

Since 09.07.2012 the affected people in Krymsk have been receiving lump-sum payouts.

In accordance with the Presidential order 3.8 billion rubles has been allocated for compensation. 16 centers of financial assistance are operating (prepared to operate) (9 stationary, 7 mobile).

In all, 46,226 (64.4%) payouts have been effected, including:

10,000 rubles – 34,088 (95.3%) payouts;

50,000 from federal budget, 25,000 rubles from budget of the Territory – 3,179 (57.8%) payouts;

100,000 from federal budget / 150,000 rubles from budget of the Territory – 8,877 (30.6%) payouts;

1,000,000 rubles from budget of the Territory – 82 (48%) payouts.

Delivery of humanitarian supplies

4213.3 tons of relief supplies has been delivered to the affected population of Krasnodar Territory.

Altogether 19,455 people and 2,498 units of equipment, including 5,300 people and 612 units of equipment form Emergency Ministry are involved in eliminating the aftermath of flash floods.