Deputy Emergencies Minister Vladimir Stepanov presents draft order on compensations to people hit by emergencies

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The Deputy Emergencies Minister Vladimir Stepanov has presented the draft order in which he substantiated the necessity of compensations from the reserve fund to the people of the Altay Republic that had been hit by emergency in 2014.

Heavy precipitation of 2014 in the Altay Republic caused heavy floods which completely destroyed 13 houses, damaged more than 7,000 of them, 35,000 people were had been hit by the emergency and communal facilities were partly damaged.

Vladimir Stepanov pointed out that because of measures taken to mitigate the emergency and the actions of fire and rescue units and emergency services of the AltayRepublic it was possible to avoid human casualties. More than 12,000 people were evacuated, 1,100 of them were accommodated in temporary shelters.

More than 2,600 people and 685 units of equipment, including 500 people and 75 units of equipment provided by the Emergencies Ministry were provided involved into dealing with the accident.

The Government of the Russian Federation made a decision to provide financial help to the Region that was hit by the emergency. After compensations were paid, some people went to the court to increase the sum of compensations. In some cases citizens won the court.

The total sum of compensations to the people of the AltayRepublic was 20 million rubles.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that this measure is going to allow paying compensations to the people that were hit by the emergency, pay lump-sum compensations that were injured, as well as provide financial assistance to those, who was in the zone of the emergency due to loss of necessities.

The Government of the Russian Federation negotiated and approved the draft order and pointed out its social importance. The Government ordered regional governments to pay compensations to every single person that was hit by the emergency as soon as possible.