A Czech charity employee went missing in Chechnya: the details

An employee of the Czech Charity Fund "People in Need" has gone missing in Chechnya. This information was confirmed to RIA Novosti on Thursday in the Fund's headquarters in Prague.

As the head of the fund's humanitarian operations, Simon Panek, told a RIA Novosti correspondent, the staff-member of the Fund, Ibrahim Zyazikov, disappeared in Grozny. His job was to guard and accompany humanitarian convoys of the Czech charity organisation. "Zyazikov disappeared in Grozny on February 26, this year," said Panek.

Asked why the information about the incident was disclosed only today, the head of the Fund's humanitarian operations explained that the law enforcement bodies of Chechnya had been informed immediately of the disappearance. However, "we have agreed not to reveal this to the media for a while for security considerations," explained Panek.

He continued Ibrahim Zyazikov was one of the most experienced staffers of the Fund. "I've known Zyazikov personally for several years now and have always been satisfied with his performance," said Panek.

Simon Panek is in charge of the humanitarian operations of the Fund in fifteen countries. (RIA Novosti )