CWS/ACT Appeal: Chechnya Crisis (#976309)

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(In support of ACT Appeals Chechnya Crisis - Emergency Relief for Displaced - EUCN91, for $749,529; and North Caucasus Crisis - Emergency Relief for Displaced - EURU91, for $1,264,498)

CWS Appeal Target: $125,000

NOV. 23, 1999

SITUATION: Thousands of people have fled Chechnya into neighboring regions from the incessant fighting in Chechnya, which is claiming heavy civilian casualties. Close to 200,000 people are now displaced in the region of Ingushetia while thousands others are seeking refugees in other neighboring regions of Daghestan and North Ossetia.

The displaced families are living in terrible conditions and are suffering from lack of shelter, food, medical care, and winter clothing. Women and children make up about most of the displaced and the weaker ones are succumbing to harsh conditions, particularly with the onset of winter.

APPEAL: Church World Service is seeking $125,000 from its member denominations in support of two appeals by Action by Churches Together (ACT) International to assist needs in the Chechnya region.

One appeal would help ACT members Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and Dutch Interchurch Aid (DIA), through their local partners Agency for Relief and Development (ARD) and Center for Peacemaking and Community Development (CPCD) respectively, propose to respond by distributing food items, medical aid and sanitary supplies, shelter items, and assisting with psycho-social inputs.

The other would help ACT members Hungarian Interchurch Aid and the Russian Orthodox Church provide food parcels, blankets, clothing and baby formula foods to about people in the regions of Ingushetia, North Ossetia and Stavropol.


ACT/HIA/ROC: Distribution of Food items, Clothes/Blankets: $1,264,498

ARD/DIA: Distribution of health/medical inputs, relief food and sanitary products, social inputs: $591,389

CPCD/NCA: Distribution of Food/Nutrition items, sanitary products, medical items, shelter equipment: $158,140

CWS SUPPORT: Due to the dire needs in the Chechnya region, CWS is seeking $125,000 in support from its member denominations for this appeal. Denominations can support the appeal either directly to ACT or by sending contributions to CWS/ERO in New York (CWS/ACT Appeal, Chechnya Crisis, #976309). CWS will channel funds to ACT. Those wanting more information on this ACT appeal, should contact the CWS Emergency Response Office. Or visit the ACT Web Site at:

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