CWS Emergency Appeal: Assistance to Chechnya IDPs

Appeal Number: 6623
Appeal Amount: $50,000
Situation Report

Chechen refugees are trying to return home but face a number of serious hurdles, including surviving severe winter weather in non-winterized houses, serious security concerns and living in a region decimated by war with poor infrastructure. In addition, refugee camps in Chechnya proper are being closed by Russian authorities, forcing Chechen IDPs to settle either with relatives and friends or 'temporary accommodation' in the Grozny area.

The security situation is exacerbating already difficult working conditions for international and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs); lack of public and financial support for these efforts is also impeding assistance to refugees.

Emergency Appeal

CWS is responding to the situation in Chechnya by assisting partner Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA), one of the ACT members with a foothold in Chechnya. HIA is providing life-saving aid to Chechen IDPs who have been forced out of refugee camps. Among the efforts are distribution of family food parcels for IDPs, the opening of soup kitchens for IDPs and reconstruction and providing equipment for kindergarten programs for internally displaced children.

The goal of this program is in providing humanitarian assistance to IDPs in Northern Chechnya and Grozny district for the first six months of 2003. Specifically: providing food assistance on a monthly basis for IDPs in the Nadterechniy and Naurskiy districts, northern Chechnya; reconstruct and equip six kindergarten facilities in the Naurskiy district, northern Chechnya; and to equip and operate three soup kitchens - two in Grozny and one in the Naurskiy district - that provide one hot meal daily for 1,500 people. The total number of beneficiaries: 13,863.

Of the food assistance, HIA will distribute the following food items to IDPs with host families in Nadterechniy and Naurskiy districts: 2.2 pounds of wheat flour, sugar, pasta and rice and 1 liter of cooking oil.

This type of assistance is very important for the survival of beneficiaries as assistance from other sources is scarce.



Food parcels: $234,402

Soup kitchen rehabilitation: $ 15,000

Nutritional feeding: $297,000

Kindergarten rehabilitation: $90,000

Subtotal Direct Assistance: $636,402


Material Transport, Storage & Warehousing: $32,400

Capital Equipment: $1,000

Personnel, administration, support: $69,860

Audit and Evaluation: $6,000

TOTAL: $745,662

CWS-ERP is seeking $50,000 from its denominational members for this appeal. For more specific information, including budget information, contact CWS ERP. Or go to the ACT web site:

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE, Assistance to Chechnya IDPs #6623 (Ref#: EUNC-31), P.O. Box 968, Elkhart, IN, 46515. Phone pledges or credit card donations: 1-800-297-1516.

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